After many years of dreaming of visiting, seeing and photographing the great State of Alaska, several months of research, planning and scheduling resulted with our finally going -  "A Trip Of A Lifetime - NORTH TO ALASKA!.  

We were "on the road" for almost two months and in Alaska for one day short of a month.

Although we wanted to sea cruise the Inland Passage, we also wanted to "step out of the box" and do and see more than the typical tourist usually experiences.  During our adventure we traveled by a every mode of transportation - train, luxury cruise liner, cruise train, cruise bus, rental SUV, 737 airplane, seaplane & working ferry.  Utilizing all of the modes of travel allowed us to get the most out of our time - the most being not only moving from one place to another, but getting to see, experience and photograph the sights and beautiful scenery along the way.  Not only in Alaska, but throughout the "wild west" as well.

The Seven Galleries below are split into "legs" of our journey.  Each Gallery has a line map which simply shows start-to-end points, as well as few thumbnail images, for that particular leg.

As you peruse the site, you should keep a couple of things in mind.  Although there are many "professional" photographs in the collection there are also many  which are "record"  images.  Also, it isn't easy to photograph a train from the train and, generally, pictures taken from a train have "problems," such as glass reflection, etc., etc.

Any commercial value some of the images may have is secondary to the main goal of publishing them in this way, which is to enlighten, entertain and education.

Every railroad we saw, rode and photographed has at least a sampling of images presented in this Folder.  If you are interested in seeing additional railroad scenes, please visit the respective galleries for those subjects, searching by either railroad or subject matter.  The Alaska Railroad, Amtrak, White Pass & Yukon Route and many others each have their own Galleries.  They will be found in the Railroads Folder of this website.

Please feel welcome to take your time and browse the entire website.  Your comments, thoughts and questions would be appreciated.

Thank you & enjoy.  flb

CRUISE2015082164 - Cruise Day#10, Denali NP, AK, 8/201